World’s most expensive cuisines ever sold

February 16, 2017 | Uncategorized | By Alberto Orsborn | 0 Comments

Food is a necessity that anyone and everyone enjoys. However when you are rich you could afford to buy just about anything you need. It may sound absurd to pay thousands of dollars on a ham sandwich, but when it is made from the finest meat I guess it just might be worth it to some, while it’s simply silly to others! Here are a few cuisines sold in restaurants specially sold to those who want something rare and modern

One of a kind shark fin soup

Sold in Kai Mayfair restaurant in London this axing is quite famous for the numerous ingredients used in this dish. It contains shark fin, sea cucumber, huan ham, Japanese flower mushrooms, ginseng and many others. This delicious soup priced at $190, is definitely for those who are well off and could afford a reservation. However though your reservation needs to be placed before 5 days of the actual dinner, after all it does take some time to get down the items that are needed to be delivered.


I never thought Spongebob’s boat school teacher Mrs. Puff could be turned into a dish! This puffer fish definitely makes an amazing dish, however if it is not cooked properly one could even die, as this is after all a poisonous fish! You might however want to have second thoughts on this dish unless you’re willing to pay $280 if you don’t want to die, because chefs who prepare this dish are given special training and if you find yourself paying anything less for this dish, trust me it’s not worth the risk!

The Lobster Frittata

Served at Norma’s which is placed in  New York this dish is priced at $1000. This is a simple dish made from chives, 6 eggs and cream. ¾ of the dish is of caviar and a definite appetizer for those sea food lovers!

The luxurious pizza

Pizza is after all pizza! Personally I never thought it could get that expensive! But guess I was wrong! Priced at $1000 this is a dish served at Nino’s Bellissima Pizza, Manhattan and is topped with chives, lobster and creme fraiche and  served on a  12 inch thin crust pie. This however needs should be ordered before 24 hours when it is actually needed.

Golden sundae

This amazing sundae costs $1000. Served only at New York City and Las Vegas this amazing sundae should be ordered before 48 hours and contains the most rare treats. Containing Tahitian vanilla ice cream, Madagascar vanilla infusion and coated with a 23 karat gold leaf. It is also given a fine twist by adding Venezuelan Chuao Chocolate, candied fruits from Paris, chocolate truffles, edible gold leaves and almonds and many more.

The Glamburger

Served at Honky Tony a restaurant located in London styled in an American way combining both cultures, this burger contains Kobe Wagyu beef made strictly only in Japan and  lamb from New Zealand and is  seasoned with salt from the Himalayas and mixed with  truffle brie combined with lobster cooked in simmering saffron,  bacon, beluga caviar and  smoked duck egg which is covered in gold leaf. To add more flavor to this dish, matcha from Japan, cream mayo and lots more gold leaf  coats the is amazing burger is priced at $1770.

Faberge Chocolate Pudding

This amazing pudding is only served in Windermere Cumbria and is priced at $34500. Made using Belgian chocolate and laced with peach, orange and whiskey. It also includes edible gold leaf and champagne caviar. There is an edible diamond at the top to complete this pudding and is served with Chateau d’Yquem desert wine.

These amazing cuisines sure might have made your mouth water! But sometimes as much as it is crazy to be spending so much on such expensive cuisines, it doesn’t hurt to try some at least once in your life, if you could afford it!