The most weirdest things that were sold

February 16, 2017 | Uncategorized | By Alberto Orsborn | 0 Comments

Shopping is something that everyone loves doing. It doesn’t mean necessarily mean clothes and make up, and it isn’t supposed to be generalized to only women, because even among men they do love shopping as well, but what they shop for is another entirely different topic. Similarly to satisfy those shopping needs there are also the most absurd things that are actually sold, and bought for a large some of money!  Here are a few such things that were sold on the internet. After all that is the most convenient marketing tool ever!

Ghost in a jar

Would you even believe someone would buy such a thing?! What’s worse is that it was not one two dollars that was bided for it, but $55,992! A jar which was found in an abandon cemetery was apparently haunted by a ghost and was sold by an Arkansas seller. He offered it for sale claiming he would not be responsible for any dangers that may happen to the new owner. While the highest bid reached around $56,000, the winning bidder however did not actually buy it may be in fear of the consequences or the cost for the so called ghost!

Illinois cornflake

Americans are known to be extremely patriotic and this is a clear example for it! Two sisters from Virginia sold a cornflake shaped as the state of Illinois for $1350. The winning bidder was from Texas and an owner of a trivia website who was collecting pop culture memorabilia and American items to add to a traveling museum.

Haunted rubber duck

I guess a good backstory too helps sell the most absurd things ever! The so called duck named “Yella” made the owner’s child act possessed around the toy and would throw it far away from him whenever he got the chance and the backstory too included the involvement of the family pastor. The owner sold this rubber ducky online for $107.50 claiming they would not be responsible for whatever that may happen to the new owner because of it.

Kari Smith’s forehead

Desperate moments take desperate measures. This is a perfect example of it. Kari Smith offered to sell her forehead as an advertising space for $10000 in order to pay for her son Brady’s college education. She vowed to tattoo any slogan across it. After two days the online casino clicked ‘buy now’, offering to pay her the sum of money she requested. True to her word she tattooed her forehead even though the tattoo artist tried talking her out of it saying “it’ll go as numb as your brain”!

 Justin Bieber’s hair

Someone definitely caught the Bieber fever bad! Justin  had offered his hair to Ellen DeGeneres on the Ellen show and she had  to put it up for auction and it was sold for $40,668, where the proceeds were sent to an organization involved in animal rescue.



Justin Timberlake’s French toast

I guess when you are a diehard fan you lose all sense of sanity when it comes to your idol! Left behind at an interview that took place in New York, this was sold for $1025. The DJ put it up for sale and was bought by a 19 year old die-hard fan.

Certain absurd things may be sold by those who might have different financial crises, but then again sometimes some stuff that are sold are just plain stupid as well. However people do by those stuff too! These are just a few, there are many more that could be part of the list. Personally I was just mind blown by the things that could be sold I hope you enjoyed them as well! Don’t get any crazy ideas though!