Most bizarre fashion trends ever

February 17, 2017 | Uncategorized | By Alberto Orsborn | 0 Comments

While fashion is something we love to experiment with and try out new things, I guess there should be certain limits to it as well, especially if you don’t want to scare someone out of their lives or poke someone in their eye while trying to kick that tumbleweed out of your way! Here are a few bizarre trends ever around the world.

Elf boots

These are certainly not your one of a kind cowboy boots! These boots were heard of from Mexico. And is known to be famous around there. These are long and pointy boots that were quite famous among the younger generation, it was meant to be a moment where the men dressed up to impress the ladies, yet at the end of the day it only ended up being laughed at!


These leggings for men known as Meggings were actually famous worldwide! Printed Meggings are truly quite famous among dancers, choreographers, fashion designers and many more professionals. Pants couldn’t get any lower so they became tighter!

Eye jewelry

Introduced in Netherlands, this is absolutely one of the weirdest and riskiest fashion trend ever! Have you ever realized that when it comes to eyes we also could do something around it by applying eyeliner or eye shadow or curling the eye lashes, but we never do anything to the eye, literally? However this apparently could be done in Netherlands. A procedure that lets small earrings made from exquisite metals to be placed into the eye was established over 8 years before in Rotterdam. Trust me this is a trend that should have never been invented! Although the Dutch may claim it to be perfectly alright the eye surgeons though have a completely negative view on this trend.


Invented in China, this is a sort of face mask worn especially to the beach in order to avoid tanning. It is believed that those with tanned skin belong to the peasants who work in the fields every day who are considered to be at a lower class socially. Hence to maintain the fair skin that one possesses in China, this mask where one’s entire face except the eyes, nose and mouth, are worn.

 Forehead Injections

This is a trend invented in Japan. It is considered to be a part of body modification . Here saline is injected using a needle into the forehead. The blob that forms afterwards is then massaged with the fingers into a  shape similar to a bagel or even more like a doughnut with a hole that is placed  in the middle. However the one good thing about this is, that it lasts no longer than 16 hours and then completely  disappears after a while. Good part is after 16 hours you could walk around normally without having to have a huge and weird zit right in the middle of your forehead, but then again if you volunteered for it I guess you would be disappointed huh?

Yaeba teeth

This is another crazy trend coming from Japan meaning ‘double tooth’. Women voluntarily change the shape or structure of their teeth after undergoing various dental procedures that lengthens their canines, giving the vibe of naturally formed extra teeth in the mouth. Why might they go through this you ask? Well apparently it makes one look much younger and cute!

These crazy trends definitely shows the extent to which one might go to, to look beautiful in another’s eyes and be accepted by society. However though, you should learn to accept yourself first, without seeking the acceptance of others. You’ve got to be comfortable in your own body. Because people and their opinions may change from time to time. What might be the hot and it look today, might be the worst fashion mistake ever tomorrow. So go ahead look pretty for yourself, not for others, learn that whatever you do, that you are doing it for yourself!